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U love this game, but this for iphone has something wrong. Sometimea when you found an object some (many) words of the list de desapears!

excellent game

Well crafted, game play well though out for the iPhone. One complaint is that the application crashes too often. However, it is always saved even when it crashes so it doesnt make you start over. Despite the crashing I would recommend this game.

Challenging play

I must admit I love photo search games. I completed Stone of Destiny and this game is far more challenging because of the sheet volume of hidden objects and more limited time of play. Well worth the $7 I paid, and cant wait to test the replay value. A definate time consumer, and looking forward to future games of this title.

Too many bugs!!!

I love this type of game, and this is a fun one, if you can get it to run. I exited the game in the middle of a mission, and now it crashes every time I try to open the last location (Buckingham Palace). There is no way to start over, so I cant play it at all. Unless they fix the bugs, dont bother.


I cant believe i was charged 7 bucks for a game that barely stays on for longer than a minute before getting kicked off. Its a shame since the game could be fun if it actually worked well.

Agents of Interpol

Great game. Lots of fun playing this game over & over again!

This game should have NEVER been approved

This is the worst purchase I have ever made on the App Store. TikGames should be ashamed of themselves for producing such a crashtastic piece of software and then having the nerve of charging a premium price for it. The game was released on Sept. 23rd and not one update has been released from them to stabilize the game. My request for assistance to the publisher on the very frequent crashes that this game has exhibited (especially in the Buckingham Palace levels) has gone unanswered so, they get the lowest rating that I can give them. TikGames really deserves a 0 stars rating. 1 star is too generous for them.

Not the worst game

It didnt crash once for me, so I guess they must have fixed the glitches others mentioned. I found it to be pretty entertaining, but it got monotonous. Same locations over and over, and the same items in the same places in the same scenes. The screenshots on the app store preview are ever-so-slightly more glamorous than the actual game. And I got to level 17 and didnt go to Cairo. Basically the story could have been mote interesting. Theres just no hook.

Update welcome...

Nice, very nice game. To bad it will not let me complete Mission5. The system reboots itself every single time. To bad...

Stop working properly

Previously was my favourite. But now stop working and there is no update.

Great Game!

Love this game. No crashing issues for me. Can get slightly repetitive but still lots of fun for price.


Ive become a big fan of the hidden object games and probably played a dozen on the iphone. This is far and away the best. 21 levels of fun. One warning. There are some errors in the game. They list something in the list and it is simply not there. However, once you learn where it is you can click on the spot and pretend its there. I ended up just considering it part of the game and it actually made it more challenging. I had a lot of fun. Well worth the money.

Great Game

I discovered this game on Xbox LIVE arcade first and once I finished it there I found myself wishing it were longer! I am so glad I found it on the iPhone - this game is awesome! If you like searching for hidden objects, you will absolutely love this game.

Great Fun

Had crashes at beginning...just reboot.. Wonderful graphics in several cities...hours & hours of entertainment!!! Make more, please.

Fun but buggy

I enjoy hidden games but several plays into interpol the game crashes repeatedly after each object found most lately in the pagoda.

Buggy. Story not part of game

This game is not ready for primetime. Has a serious bug where some objects are invisible. You can use hints to center the screen on the invisible items, but it can still take lots of random tapping to find them. (and then you just hear a sound effect to let you know you found the item. It still does not appear) The story is poorly written and in no way part of the game. You can play the entire game without reading the story and you get the same result. Which means there is no point reading the stroy, as it adds nothing to the game. Fix the invisible items bug and you have a solid 4 star app.


Love it! Never crashes for me.

Too long and no bonus

The game crashes a lot and u cant tell it to save. The game is way too long with no bonuses at the end. But otherwise a cool hidden object game. Just wish it had a bonus where you must find all objects in all areas. Also when crashing it can sometimes wipe out lots of effort!

Pretty Good yet buggy

Pretty good! I love this kind of game, only thing I dont like is this bug, at least I think its a bug, that some objects cant be seen, overall I think its good, a must have for those who are ispy & mystery case files fan

great app

A good app for those who love hidden objects!

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