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Very promising, and yet...

This game has so much promise. In a way that is what makes it such a disappointment. Not sure whether objects are sometimes invisible or what, but it really takes away from enjoyment of the game. I keep waiting for an update. I woul definitely recommend NOT BUYING the current version. I would think writers would want to fix this asap since I would certainly not purchace anything else they might develop if they cant fix this!!


I really like this game, but sometimes it just shuts down. It is quite fun though.


This is a one time play. Once you beat the game there is no way to start over. You cannot go back and you cannot erase any info. Ive been waiting a year for them to fix this. They havent and probably never will.

Still no word!

Still no word. I deleted the game and re-loaded it. It does work doesnt end. I am still playing the exact same game. Some items are impossible to find. For those I use a hint but even after I hint it...I have no idea where the object was or what the object is. Example....whats an eye symbol? The same scenes over and over again. After the same places you know exactly where everything is. very boring.

Just hidden objects

If u like plain ho games,its fine. As far as I can tell theres no puzzles or minigames. No crashes for me. But not what I was hoping for. Also scenes are cluttered.

Agent of Interpol

I give 2 stars because it repeat the same scene at all the mission . It gets very boring. Lucy

New game please!

I loved this game but beat it months ago. Can you please add new levels to this version or come up with Interpol 2? Thank You!!

Dont buy it

There is no way to start a new game once youve gotten all the items -- it just replays the last few screens. And some items are missing -- you have to just touch all over the screen until you get a hit on the invisible object. Would be a good game if you could play it over, but dont waste your money until they fix this.


It plays the same screens over and over and over again. For those who have a good memory you go through each level in seconds. Buy something different.

Thought I was going to love it

Was really excited about getting this game. It looked awesome, but after 18 levels of the exact same thing I have to say Im very disappointed. Its a beautiful game but once you find the objects in the first couple of levels youve basically played the whole thing. Was expecting more.

Cant Read!!

Because of the color of the lettering on the white background I am unable to read the directions, the story, etc. Just change it to black & make it readable for everyone!

Cant reset progress

This game is fun but you cant reset your progress at the end and start over

Wow! What else does this company have?

I got hooked on this game for days. It is beautiful, consistent, and fun.


Can you say boring??!! repetitive search and find for the same objects over and over. Only plus is that it was a cheap purchase.....

Dont purchase for iPad

No option to turn off music and keep sound effects. Screen blurry on iPad, especially in magnified mode. Cannot choose any item without first switching to magnified.

Too repetitive..

Its the same 5 or 6 levels. I can remember the exact spots that every item is in. Not very interesting or challenging. Dont let the name of this game deceive you like I did. It sounded like a game I would enjoy. I did enjoy it.....for 5 minutes. Not worth the money.


Terrible game, many problems. Manufacturers web not even found. Save your money please!!

Excellent fun

Ive had this game for a year and I still enjoy returning to play it. Wish there were more like it!

Shuts down

I got this game a couple of days ago and it keeps shutting down on me when I touch proceed. Whats up with that? Im playing it with an iPad and it says its compatible.


Paid for this app for my iPad and it has yet to work it crashes on the 2nd screen I want my money back

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